I am truly so happy that you are here. If you came from my business’ account, Baby Bird, then I would like to thank you for your endless support.

Baby Bird is my dream career and I’ve been brainstorming ideas of how I could branch off with Mama Bird. Initially I thought about opening an online women’s boutique with a similar layout as Baby Bird. Once I realized that I have no style (hence my everyday outfits being Lululemon leggings and an Aerie t-shirt or sweater), I moved on from that idea.

Just recently I started my mental health journey consisting of therapy, reading my Bible, and praying. This led me to the idea of creating The Mama Bird Blog, the perfect addition to Baby Bird. A place where the moms behind those adorable baby birds can relate to one another, uplift one another, and inspire one another.

I want to share a bible verse that I recently came across about motherhood.

Your mother was like a vine in a vineyard planted by the water, fruitful and full of branches by reason of abundant water.”

Ezekiel 19:10

A mother thrives in an environment where she is surrounded by those who support her. I pray that you are in an environment like that, but if you’re not…well, welcome to The Mama Bird Blog where we will support each other.

Have a blessed day and thank you if you’ve read to this point. I am looking forward to how beautiful this community can become.

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